Because each nice time is worth 10 points and 10x10=100! I definitely didn't put off writing this list for over a month..... hope you all still remember and luv me! 💯
  1. The time I joined the ~exclusive~ beta List App
    That's right people - I was a beta tester! If you're surprised it's because I wrote about 2 lists during that time and they got about 2 likes each. Didn't hit my listing stride until the public arrived. That said, being part of beta testing was still pretty cool and I'm glad to have been around for pretty much every iteration of List App.
  2. The time I got my first celebrity follower
    It was @stevekazee (in the beta days) and my Broadway-loving heart performed a tightly choreographed tap number in celebration. PS where'd you go boo?
  3. The time I stayed up until 3am painstakingly crafting a ranking of Ludacris' featured raps and it became my first featured list
    I have also never felt cooler than I did during the aftermath of this list. The fact that people were liking and relisting something that I basically wrote as a personal passion project felt v nice. Then @MTV posted Luda's own ranking of his raps as a companion piece and I hyperventilated a lil bit (a lot). This was also the list that earned me the golden BJ Novak follow. My entrance to List App was complete. ( TOP 10 "FEAT. LUDACRIS" MOMENTS )
  4. The time @emily_elizabeth requested a list about Florence
    Also known as the time I got to talk about studying abroad for as long as I wanted without feeling like I was boring anyone and it was amazing. ( WHAT I MISS MOST ABOUT LIVING IN FLORENCE )
  5. That time a bunch of us shared our other social media
    Which was adorable on its own but also led to me finding some of my consistently favorite Instagram content via @sarahgorman and @xtineengels
  6. The time I made a list that was exclusively photos of Bill Hader and people were really into it
    Any place where this is considered quality content is a place I want to be. ( My First Era List )
  7. The time I literally wrote a list about what I had done that day and lots of people were interested in it
    My own friends and family get bored when I go into the details of what I've done all day, so to have 70+ strangers take the time to read and enjoy (or at least act like they read and enjoyed) the events of my day felt pretty great. I think it's really indicative of the warm community List App has cultivated. ( How to have a very pleasant Saturday alone in NYC )
  8. The time I thought I could educate @bjnovak about the connections between North by Northwest and Hamlet in a series of comments, as if he didn't already fully know this information
    What was I thinking! But he was a good sport and indicated his knowledge through a very low key Shakespeare quotation.
  9. The time I wrote a list about gnocchi and it somehow turned into a beautiful bonding moment with @drugs
    Tbh one of the cutest things that has ever happened to me. ( Because you can't comment with a gif )
  10. The time I went through my entire List App history while making this list
    Not going to get sappy or anything, but it's been really nice to have a place where I'm comfortable writing and trying to be funny for a public audience. I don't post much on other platforms but for whatever reason I have gained a lot more confidence in my own creativity here. Plus I get to feel like a celebrity when lots of strangers like my content / actual famous people talk to me. Thanks @list team for creating this fun and exciting community! I promise I'll list more in the new year xoxo