1. 1.
    Oh Hello Show
    I got tickets to this because I love John Mulaney and think the "Too Much Tuna" bit on the Kroll Show is kind of funny sometimes. I ended up experiencing a two-hour-long bizarre whirlwind of yelling, interpretive dance, meditations on Rite Aid, murder insinuations, accents no one could understand, Nick Kroll's inability to keep a straight face, and of course a ton of tuna. It completely surpassed its Comedy Central origins and was one of the funniest live shows I've ever seen.
  2. 2.
    "This Is: Jennifer Lopez" Spotify playlist
    J. Lo is a HIT MACHINE. DAMN. There is not a bad song on this playlist. It weaves seamlessly between her current catalogue of dance floor anthems (which somehow all seem to feature Pitbull) and classics like "Waiting For Tonight" and "Jenny From the Block." Listen to this if you want to dance and love and dance again.
  3. 3.
    I'm taking a course on Hitchcock this semester and this week's screening was "Rebecca." This movie is just straight-up ridiculous. It's not even the last 30 minutes of suspense that does it, but rather the unbelievable dialogue that fills the entire film. I don't think a minute went by without my whole class being in hysterics. So if the idea of Sir Laurence Olivier whispering "I should be making violent love to you behind a palm tree" appeals to you, you should see "Rebecca."