Did you guys know that Amazon Prime has a cool music app? Well my Adele-obsessed mother does and she was blasting it in all its emotional glory last night.
  1. Nirvana - Sam Smith
    Sam Smith is a beautiful soul and this song is appropriately beautiful & soulful. http://youtu.be/Lv679SxziHQ
  2. I Never Told You - Colbie Caillat
    When I first heard this song I wasn't particularly taken by it until I heard Colbie's vibrato when she sings "ohhh" and then I was like GIRL. So much emotion in one sound! http://youtu.be/_YtzsUdSC_I
  3. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
    A beautiful melody, emotional lyrics, and Sara's flawless voice... what could be better? http://youtu.be/rEXhAMtbaec
  4. He Won't Go - Adele
    There obviously needs to be an Adele song on the Adele playlist! This one is from 21 and it makes me want to drive around a city at night in a sleek car like in one of those Matthew McConaughey commercials. http://youtu.be/Qgp7hlkfstI
  5. Ghost - Ella Henderson
    This song led to my discovery that with the new iPhone update the music note emoji became really hard to find, because as soon as she started singing I had the uncontrollable need to text my friend "🎵I KEEP GOING TO THE RIVER TO PRAY🎵" http://youtu.be/tA8AfQaUnXM
  6. Rise Up - Andra Day