Mr. Crepe in Davis Square knows its music vibe and sticks to it.
  1. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (female cover)
    The funky trumpets are what I like about this song, so no.
  2. Titanium - Sia (female cover)
    It sounded pretty but like... it's Titanium. It needs to be belted and strong and have lots of intense music.
  3. If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys (male cover)
    Sounded like a performance you'd hear at a wedding and you'd think "damn his voice is like butter." Not very innovative though.
  4. Sorry - Justin Bieber (female duo cover)
    This was pretty cool! I could see those two young girls doing this on YouTube and making Ellen lose her mind.
  5. XO - Beyoncé (@john cover)
    Unexpected combo that worked really well!
  6. Bop To The Top - Sharpay & Ryan (male/female duo)
    GENIUS. The acoustic cover this world never knew it needed. The reason I wrote this list in the first place. All hail these singers.