We all know Adrien Brody is an Academy Award winning actor and Wes Anderson darling, but did you know that he's also a total Instagram goof? Here are his best shots in chronological order.
  1. 1.
    Caption: "It's official. Brody is in the building."
    The entrance is key, and Adrien does a great job of making his artistic intentions clear from the start. Photography-related pose? Check. Smolder? Check. Slightly intimidating caption? Check. Brody is in it to win it.
  2. 2.
    Caption: "This picture is me taking a picture of a picture of me taking a picture of me. Whaat??! #Selfie #AdrienBrody #Cannes"
    In which Adrien wishes he'd been in Inception and creates the hashtag we never realized we needed, #AdrienBrody.
  3. 3.
    Caption: "Way more handsome in pictures lol!"
  4. 4.
    Caption: "Stinky Fruit Pizza with Maraschino Cherries - now I've seen everything. #weirdpizza"
    I'm so glad that pizza with cherries is the thing that put Adrien Brody over the edge. That *this* is as weird as it gets for Adrien Brody.
  5. 5.
    Caption: "👉 'Sorry, I don't make the rules.' 👈 #dunhuang #mogaocaves #gobidesert #china"
    I just enforce them #AdrienBrody
  6. 6.
    Caption: "#nofilter 🌚"
    I bet Adrien was feeling just as sneaky as that moon emoji when he captioned a black and white photo "#nofilter"
  7. 7.
    Caption: "Hanging out with the cleanest worm on the dirtiest set of Septembers of Shiraz 🐛 #septembersofshiraz #tiff #inchworm"
    Who's cuter - the emoji worm, the real worm, or Adrien Brody?
  8. 8.
    Caption: "Woke up as a dog 😳 Gotta love the Internet 😘 #brodydog #meme #animorphs"
    Internet-meme-era Adrien Brody is the best Adrien Brody.
  9. 9.
    Caption: " 'Hanging in NY with my Mom and a stripper 😄' photo by #francenekeery"
    Just another instance of Adrien Brody being really excited that he's a famous actor! And embracing that taxi ad like the professional he is!
  10. 10.
    Caption: "Splash? 😏"
    Nothing after this will ever matter.