It's my last semester at Tufts and there are lots of off-campus things I still haven't done! I've been searching the many Boston lists on here for suggestions, so what better way to keep track of it all than another list?
  1. Attend a Boston sporting event
    I've been here almost 4 years I need to see the Red Sox once, right? Or the Celtics? But no Bruins because hockey makes me mad.
  2. Go on a brewery tour
    According to @christine Harpoon gives you pretzels?? How have I not done this??
  3. Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
    So much love for this on @list !!!
  4. Attend Jazz Brunch at Johnny D's in Davis Square
    Before it closes 😢
  5. Go to the MFA and the @ICAboston
  6. Eat at Bartley's Burgers
    Tbh did not know about this but it has appeared on almost every Boston list from @bjnovak and @LevNovak so it seems like a burger I should be eating.
  7. Spend time at the Boston Public Library
  8. Brunch at The Friendly Toast and Trident Booksellers
    Is "brunch" a verb yet?
  9. Compete in a trivia night
  10. Experience Thursday night at The Burren
    I've been told they play all the best 80s music
  11. I'm definitely missing some key Boston experiences (or some hip/cool/off-the-beaten-track ones), so feel free to add suggestions!
  12. Taza tour in Somerville! So much chocolate for $5 + educational & smells GR8
    Suggested by @shacara_shacara
  13. Okay also tbh I went on a sunset cruise with Boston Harbor Cruise & it was A+
    Suggested by @shacara_shacara
  14. Brunch at Lulus; In the spring go to SOWA market at eat at all the food trucks; check out Haley house / Dudley dough in Roxbury - great food and AHMAZING organizations! The pretzels at Harpoon are no joke 😊 thanks for reading my list, enjoy!
    Suggested by @christine
  15. THE AQUARIUM (no, seriously. Sea lions right outside. Zen. And i never even say shit like "Zen")
    Suggested by @JessicaBalboni