1. My aunt makes it really difficult for my cousins and me to access the money she gives us.
    This year she stuck small bills individually into small drums that we had to somehow break apart in order to get our $50. I unstrung approximately 30 drums. Some of the drums were empty and one drum contained a note saying we would need to return all cash to my aunt upon completion. Past highlights: maze box, literal ball of duct tape.
  2. There's a really intense game of White Elephant with my extended family.
    Everyone brings very desirable gifts. Except for the Barry Manilow CD that one time, which almost broke my family apart.
  3. My parents and I hold dramatic readings of the year-in-review letters some people send us with their Christmas cards
    Performed by yours truly. Bonus points for updates on feline health and subtle child shaming.
  4. My dad and I make cinnamon rolls from scratch that go into the oven as we're opening presents. Now that my brother and I are adults, the whole family enjoys the warm cinnamon rolls with mimosas.
    Suggested by @goobs