1. Great observations regarding everything that's important to me.
  2. Denny's
    Every corporate account needs to strive to be like Denny's. It's genius.
  3. Kyle MacLachlan
    He constantly responds to fan requests for birthday shout outs and it's the nicest thing ever and he is basically always in character as Dale Cooper and I just love everything about him.
  4. Jenny Slate
    If I were a celebrity or in any way actually good at Twitter, my Twitter would look a lot like Jenny Slate's Twitter.
  5. Duh.
  6. NYT Minus Context
  7. Igor Volsky
    SERIOUSLY GO FOLLOW HIM. He is a fact-checker extraordinaire and his account is so informative. He's also really sassy to all my least favorite politicians. My absolute favorite thing he does is retweet legislators offering "thoughts and prayers" after mass shootings and add their voting records against gun control.
  8. Matt McGorry
    Perfect mix of solid social justice commentary and things like this.
  9. Chrissy Teigen
    Great jokes, great clapbacks at Twitter trolls, just so great.
  10. Jeffery Self
    Someone get this man on the List App immediately.
  11. Billy Eichner
    I want a framed collage of every tweet he's ever written hanging on every wall of my house.
  12. @bjnovak retweeting coffee dad
    Like specifically this exact situation, which honestly could be its own Twitter account based on frequency.
  13. Cher
  14. Not me.
    My Twitter photo is the only good thing about my account, all I do is share articles and tweet at celebrities and it's embarrassing plz never follow me.