1. dancing with the stars
    Nick Carter is on this season, very important news.
  2. LIRR schedule
    I'm finally seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch tomorrow (!!!) and somehow don't know the Long Island Railroad schedule by heart after 7 years of commuting?
  3. the shining 180 degree rule
    So I wasn't watching "Mr. Robot," but then I heard it was breaking the 180 degree rule which is #1 on my (as of yet hypothetical) list of favorite film techniques. Now I am watching "Mr. Robot." I needed a couple of stills from "The Shining" to explain the rule to a friend because sometimes I'm bad at using words.
  4. excuse me in Spanish
    I was trying to show off to my mom what I'd learned using DuoLingo and forgot everything I'd learned using DuoLingo.
  5. breaking free lyrics hsm
    Does this really need an explanation?