My best friend happens to live with me. She also happens to have a lot of horse stickers, which she likes to stick around my room when I'm not there. Here is a list of the horse stickers I have found so far.
  1. My plastic IKEA tray
    3a73b371 55c2 4081 9999 6cb2429396e9
  2. The inside of my wardrobe door
    67e716a4 714d 4c77 9ec3 14b03a332696
  3. My deodorant
    60cdc8c2 85d9 402e b04a 20478132c398
  4. My Novak Djokovic mousepad
    96309d40 6909 4cf8 aa41 205fca6aa3e8
  5. My bed (2)
    D2ea9641 a175 45d7 8d70 e24b6c76fcb5
    Very hard to find on a printed duvet
  6. My DayQuil
    F66aaa3e eff4 4cbc b902 e7d0ca9ca4cf
  7. On a hair tie in my purse
    79390078 c763 4170 bebe 98f511239db6
    Found when it stuck my hair tie to my hand, very startling
  8. My laptop
    7abf4ce6 c264 4f61 8332 18323de7d29c
  9. As a note in my phone
    Dbca8352 7c9c 4b0f a1e1 8a49d186c630
    Personal favorite
  10. The inside cover of my notebook
    93ae80d2 23f4 43ba 8b7d 392d0be98a5c
  11. My crayon box
    C230e80f 3c41 47df a609 6423375ce0bd
  12. She has warned me that these are not all the stickers she has left. I will be updating as I find more.
  13. Also my friend is the best 🐎❤️