My best friend happens to live with me. She also happens to have a lot of horse stickers, which she likes to stick around my room when I'm not there. Here is a list of the horse stickers I have found so far.
  1. My plastic IKEA tray
  2. The inside of my wardrobe door
  3. My deodorant
  4. My Novak Djokovic mousepad
  5. My bed (2)
    Very hard to find on a printed duvet
  6. My DayQuil
  7. On a hair tie in my purse
    Found when it stuck my hair tie to my hand, very startling
  8. My laptop
  9. As a note in my phone
    Personal favorite
  10. The inside cover of my notebook
  11. My crayon box
  12. She has warned me that these are not all the stickers she has left. I will be updating as I find more.
  13. Also my friend is the best 🐎❤️