Don't mind me, just over here addicted to asking for travel advice on List App.
  1. For my last spring break before entering the real world of work (I hope lol) my best friend from high school and I are 🎶goin' to Miami🎶
  2. We wanna do things.
    (but not like Spring Breakers things) (except maybe singing Britney Spears by a piano)
  3. See things.
  4. Eat things.
  5. Our ideas so far:
  6. Wynwood Walls
    Get that sweet profile picture amirite
  7. Vizcaya Museum
    Courtesy of a @sarahgorman list
  8. Under the Mango Tree
    Courtesy of an @sw list
  9. Reenactment of this photo
    "Life. Death. Miami."
  10. 🌴 HELP US 🌴
  11. If you're up to do something ~fancy~ for dinner, Scarpetta is one of the best meals I've ever had in my life.
    It's definitely fancy and pricey. But the only way to do it is to get the prix fixe tasting menu. I did it in a group of three and I think it was $75/pp?? Not cheap in the least but we got SO MUCH FOOD. One of the best pastas in red sauce I've ever had. This mushroom truffle polenta dish I still dream about. And the bread at the restaurant has salami baked into it! It's for sure a splurge but unlike a lot of fancypants places I left very full and very happy. Highly recommend if you can!
    Suggested by @sarahgorman