I think I might have a very loose definition of "aesthetic." Inspired by @annierennt & others
  1. Technically I already answered the question of my aesthetic here: IMPORTANT UPDATE TO MY BIO
  2. But my Instagram "like" aesthetic is a more in-depth vision of me as a person so shhh
  3. • • • • •
  4. Sleepy Debra Messing referring to herself as "Mama"
  5. Morello + macaroni
  6. A baby surrounded by Schmackary's cookies
  7. Dale Cooper
  8. Inspirational Vin Diesel art
  9. Italian coffee
  10. Milos Raonic's awkward Florence selfie
  11. Smash season one
  12. Glam Christian Bale
  13. Comfy Christian Bale
  14. Schumers against gun violence
  15. Ryan Gosling swathed in wallpaper
  16. Hedwig and the Angry Inch tattoos
  17. Giovanni Ribisi directing a One Direction music video
  18. Paintings of mountains at sunset
  19. Matt McGorry and his taste in literature
  20. Zac Posen dresses
  21. Not being British but basically being British
  22. Jhumpa Lahiri writing about learning Italian in Italian
  23. Lady Gaga's Bowie tribute
  24. Sylvester Stallone giving a thumbs up in front of a rainbow
  25. Peacefood Cafe
  26. Jeffery Self's Diane Keaton bedding
  27. Nick Kroll meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda
  28. This.