So difficult but such a great request - thanks @dustinboone !!!
  1. Book: Quiet (by Susan Cain)
    Having been told my whole life that being an introvert was a disadvantage and that I had to be less shy (not the same thing as introverted you guys!!!), I gained such a deeper understanding and appreciation of myself by reading this book. It is so well written and researched, and really made me feel empowered by my introversion. I would recommend it to introverts and extroverts alike because it's so important to understand and empathize with other types of workers/learners/people in general!
  2. Movie: Cinema Paradiso
    If you're watching a movie, you probably like watching movies. Cinema Paradiso is a love letter to movies. It has one of the most beautiful scores I've ever heard and deals with themes of love and loss in an incredibly poignant way. The last scene is honestly just the best scene of any film I've ever watched and left me so emotionally satisfied. Watch the theatrical release though, not the longer director's cut.
  3. Album: In The Heights (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    Ok this was kind of difficult for me because I'm not as much of a music person as I am a book/movie person and I rarely listen to entire albums (sorry 2 all the music fans). But Hamilton is super big right now so everyone should take a moment to appreciate the original Lin-Manuel Miranda masterpiece! The opening track is the best opener in all of Broadway history in my opinion, and even just through the music you will get completely swept up in the story of this amazing show.