1. Planted
    It's like Tinder for job searching which sounds horrible but is actually pretty fun. You fill out a quick survey about your personality and career preferences, then Planted gives you a career spirit animal (I'm an owl!). You get to swipe up/down to 3 jobs a day and Planted screens your resume for each, then basically takes care of the whole application for you. I only just started so no results yet, but at least I feel like I've actually made some progress in trying to find a job!
  2. Cymbal
    INSTAGRAM FOR MUSIC. Three seniors at my university created this app last year and I really like it and have been trying to use it more. You "set your Cymbal" to whatever song you're into at the moment and then you can see what your friends are listening to and add songs to your Spotify playlist. I think the album art focus of the design is great (there's my Cymbal page in the photo). If you join, add me!
  3. Lifeline
    I haven't had a game on my phone since I gave up on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but my friend convinced me to download Lifeline and it was very cool. It's a text-based adventure where you somehow come in contact with a stranded astronaut and (rather than contacting NASA?) you end up being his remote survival guide. Suspend your disbelief, turn up the sound, and you will have a very creepy/fun time. It happens in realtime and only takes about 2 days to complete, so it won't consume your life!
  4. Cardboard
    This fun little box came in my parents' New York Times one Sunday and it is now my obsession. The box turns into virtual reality glasses with the help of your iPhone and the Cardboard app. You can wander around Paris in street view, explore the Great Barrier Reef, look at ancient artifacts, and (my personal favorite) go inside a kaleidoscope. The NYT Magazine got in on the action with a cool celebrity filled VR video. I now know that paradise = flying over New York with Michael Fassbender.
  5. Google Hangouts
    If you're like me and Skype and FaceTime hate you, Google Hangouts is a great Plan C. All you need is a GMail account and you're good to go! Plus you can send fun stickers, which is never a bad thing.