The latest installment in my ongoing saga of struggling with simple dinners. *Live updates!*
  1. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
    Set your needed chew speed to dat sick beat
  2. Disco Inferno - Tina Turner
    Just can't stoppp, shoving crumbled feta into my mouth
  3. Goddess - Iggy Azaelea
    Azalea sounds like a salad ingredient that I'm glad isn't in my salad, plus I feel like a goddess for eating this much salad
  4. Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavarotti
    Possibly the ultimate salad-eating song
  5. Once and for All - Newsies Original Broadway Cast
    The newspapers are a metaphor? Idk I can only focus on keeping these croutons in my mouth right now
  6. Bump, Bump, Bump - B2K & P. Diddy
    Ya lettuce falling out of my mouth, such a sexy move, sing it to me
  7. Do What U Want - Lady Gaga feat. Christina Aguilera
    For when you surrender yourself to the salad
  8. A Chi - Fausto Leali
    This may have just been the first Italian song that came up on my shuffle but it still fits the mood when you've finished your salad and are taking a wine break before forcing down the ricotta salata and bread that you sliced up like an idiot
  9. Long Day - Matchbox Twenty
    "Reach down your hand in your pocket, pull out some hope for me" Rob Thomas gets it
  10. Where Is the Love? - Black Eyed Peas
    A song you need to stop and sing along to, thereby giving you time to digest and maybe accomplish the impossible goal of eating 2 more pieces of cheese
  11. Lemme Smang It - Yung Humma
    You can truly lose yourself in this song and forget you're eating anything at all! Three cheeses down, one to go.
  12. Untitled - Simple Plan
    I've made my mistakes too, clearly
  13. Bottoms Up - Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj
    Salad is done, cheese is done, bread is stored away because you know your limits, down that wine and you are DONE.