As I am a lifelong fan of everything Ray Romano, this was an important and exciting discovery. Here's why I think it's true:
  1. One day at one of my high school softball games my dad befriended Steve Schirripa from The Sopranos.
    His daughter was on the team I was playing.
  2. (That's Steve Schirripa)
  3. They got to talking and Steve Schirripa told my dad that he was writing a book about fathers and daughters.
  4. So my dad told Steve Schirripa all my secrets.
  5. A few months later, Steve Schirripa's book came out.
    Complete with a selection of my secrets.
  6. (That's me! Surrounded by secrets!)
  7. My dad bought many copies and showed me my secrets, in print.
  8. It was cool but no one really read the book* so I forgot about it pretty quickly.
    *Or so I thought!
  9. Two days ago I was home and saw a copy of the book on our coffee table. I decided to look it over again.
  10. That was when I noticed this:
  11. Ray Romano read this book.
  12. This book contains my secrets.
  13. Ray. Romano. Knows. My. Secrets.