A running list that will reveal more about me than any other list I will ever write. Buckle up.
  1. "shake it off mariah"
    the only version that I will accept
  2. "tarek and christina"
    worst celeb breakup of 2016
  3. "gary anderson on flip or flop"
    home wrecker in more ways than one
  4. "foucault"
    I'm so ashamed but this was just to figure out an opening for a guy on bumble who likes foucault I am so sorry
  5. "seamless soup"
    can you seamless soup I needed to know
  6. "isfj celebrities"
    besides me
  7. "kristi yamaguchi"
    is an isfj celebrity did you guys know
  8. "austin pendleton"
    when I did not know anything about the special guest I saw at oh hello! on broadway
  9. "cheeks red hours after cold exposure"
    "help me I'm dying" - me when my cheeks are a little red
  10. "how to find your most frequently used emoji"
    for a fun @seblefebvre list where no one suggested anything and he made a very sad sounding comment about it so I said I gotchu buddy and sent my suggestion but also I still do not know to find really
  11. "emma stone brother"
    haven't we all
  12. "who to call to find out about police activity on your block"
    just another beautiful night in times square
  13. "alexis bachelor boob birthday"
    you guys all know the part I'm talking about right #teamalexisforever
  14. "price of a box of munchkins at dunkin donuts"
    as opposed to a box of munchkins not at dunkin donuts
  15. "troy bolton"
    also to impress a guy on bumble, I have a very active love life
  16. "i want to dance like in la la land"
    self explanatory