2016 is the year I graduate college and start *real life* so I'm going to try to get it all together a lil bit!
  1. Dress more fashionably
    I feel like I have it in me to create some cool looks but I still always wear the same two sweaters.
  2. Develop a morning routine
    I've already purchased a fun daily calendar and I would like to start waking up in time to read said calendar while maybe also eating a healthy, non-rushed breakfast 🌞
  3. Learn new vocabulary
    The aforementioned calendar is a word-a-day calendar - gotta get that English Major cred up with some cool big words!
  4. Unleash my inner Chrissy Teigen
    Both with food and with humor.
  5. Unleash my inner Matt McGorry
    Based on social media he is a super aware ally to everyone. I'm going to try to inform myself more abut important things (i.e. race/gender/intersections of everything) this year and always.
  6. Journal
    It'll be nice to have a place for my thoughts now and to look back on this transitional year later. I bought one of those "one line a day" journals from Urban Outfitters to make it easier for me to commit 😎
  7. Stop saying "sorry" so much
    I apologized to like 6 people in Barnes & Noble today, and I think 4 of those 6 bumped into me.
  8. Find employment after graduation
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