1. How to set a reasonable bedtime and then completely ignore it by watching vines for 2 hours
  2. Finding your magic ratio of alarms to snoozes
  3. Everything you need to know about Christian Bale's career and then some things you probably don't need to know but I'm the one giving this TED Talk so you're gonna hear them anyway
  4. Be the best third wheel you can be
  5. Why the MPAA should just stop
  6. Belly-to-Belly with Jonah Hill: My Life in Brief Celebrity Interactions
    Alternately the title of my memoir
  7. Dealing with the consequences of constantly making movie references your friends don't understand or find fun
  8. Mastering the art of the groutfit
  9. What to do when your stomach growls in class
  10. Procrastinating important emails for beginners
  11. How to make the most of a train commute without getting involved in the kidnapping investigation of a woman you don't know
  12. Faking your way through Greek life with no crafting skills
    Follow up TED Talk: Why mod podge proves the existence of Satan
  13. Just me on a stage talking about Newsies for an hour
  14. Let's figure out postmodernism together
  15. "So you're gonna be a teacher?": A complete guide to other careers available to an English major