1. Last summer I marathoned all of Twin Peaks and it was great.
  2. It scared my pants off but the laughs and characters were worth not being able to sleep ever.
  3. Not surprisingly, I was obsessed with Dale Cooper. He's optimistic without being naive, quirky without being annoying, incredibly kind, and basically is the model on which I wanted to base my own attitude forever.
  4. He gave me my new life motto.
    Which is hanging up in my room.
  5. He rocks.
  6. The day after I had finished season 1, I was on my way to Eataly in NY.
    I was interning there for the summer.
  7. As I walked to work I thought to myself, "if I ever meet Kyle MacLachlan I will probably lose my shit."
  8. I basically spent the next 10 blocks imagining every scenario in which I could meet Kyle MacLachlan and figuring out something cool to say.
  9. I get to work and a few minutes later my supervisor announces that we're all going to the store to get dry aged beef.
    Side note: if you live in NYC and you like steak, you MUST go to Eataly the morning of Dry Aged Beef Day to get a prime cut of their best beef for HALF PRICE. It's great.
  10. As I wait in line with my supervisor to get ~the goods~ a man in a hat walks by me with a classic "I just bought dry aged beef at half price" smile on his face. His very familiar face.
  11. I think, "wow I'm getting a little obsessive with the whole Twin Peaks thing because everyone is looking like Dale Cooper to me..."
  12. Until my supervisor looks at me and goes "hey, did you just see the guy from Desperate Housewives?"
    You know, KYLE MACLACHLAN??! The guy you wished you would meet this morning???!??!?
  13. And I do exactly what I thought I'd do: I lose my shit.
    A photographic rendering of all my emotions at the time.
  14. I continue to lose my shit all throughout the meat buying process until I'm finally in line to pay with my co-workers, where I still have not stopped losing my shit.
  15. As I blab on about the importance of that moment and how great Twin Peaks is and how great Dale Cooper is, I turn around and three people back in line is Kyle MacLachlan.
  16. And he's looking at us and it seems he's heard at least a few things I've said.
  17. So I do what any fan would do... I slightly smile at him and say absolutely nothing.
    Because I'm a wimp and didn't want to push through a line to interrupt my idol's morning groceries run.
  18. BUT he sees my slight smile and raises it a REAL SMILE. Right back at me!
  19. A very knowing smile, I would say.
    A bit like this.
  20. But I have to go pay for the dry aged beef and the last I see of him is a view of him pushing his bags out the door on a little scooter (yes he had a little scooter).
  21. And that's the story of how I 100% traveled to the White Lodge and summoned Kyle Maclachlan into my presence. And then didn't even talk to him.
  22. But thinking back on it I realized it was ok because I basically got a smile from Dale Cooper and what more could a person want?