Theater Seen in 2017

No, I still haven't seen Hamilton. Yes, I'm still mad about it.
  1. Oh, Hello
    Gil & George 4ever
  2. Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
    Obsessed. Super weird and unlike anything I've ever seen and it was amazing. I want to go back and sit in a million different seats because every one would be such a unique experience. I also want to go back because there's a club scene with strobe lights and everyone is wearing leather booty shorts and I suddenly loved clubbing?
  3. Kid Victory
    Super intense new musical by Kander and Ebb about the aftermath of a kidnapping. Made much more intense by the fact that I was sitting in front of Kander and Ebb.
  4. Present Laughter
    I was in the same room as Kevin Kline for two hours, so that's how I'm doing.
  5. Miss Saigon
    Eva Noblezada is a GODDESS. Also I can't believe I heard so much about the chandelier falling in Phantom but had never heard about Miss Saigon having a *helicopter fly onstage* before last week.
  6. Sunset Boulevard
    I have never been so 100% ready to get up and leave a show at intermission (which truly shocked me) but I was bored out of my mind by the entire first act. Glenn Close being brilliant for her 2 big scenes in Act 2 made it worth staying but then I couldn't even fully enjoy her performance because I was so exasperated by having to sit through the rest.
  7. Anastasia
    Ramin Karimloo was in it and he's the greatest but they cut Rasputin so I have mixed feelings
  8. Bandstand
    Wow, was way more into this than I thought I'd be. Corey Cott brought his A++++ game, seriously so amazing. As was everyone else really. I also really wish I knew how to dance, that would be fun in life.
  9. Hamlet
    Step 1: find a last minute last row seat for that night's performance. Step 2: give the usher a look of solidarity when an audience member makes a weird comment to her. Step 3: SAY YES WHEN THE USHER COMES OVER TO YOU AND ASKS IF YOU WANT THE AVAILABLE FRONT ROW CENTER SEAT. Step 4: spend 4 hours literally onstage with Oscar Isaac, including a moment when you make eye contact as he breaks character laughing at Keegan-Michael Key. Step 5: accept that you have peaked as a theatergoer and person.