I'm renting an off-campus apartment with three other college-aged girls. Our landlord is a man. He hires men to do all the work in our house. We've had to put up with a lot of shit this semester and I can't help feeling like it's because we're young women.
  1. "You're four girls living here? So then you eat all healthy and natural right? Whole grains and earthy stuff?" (smirking)
    The exterminator, suggesting that our "feminine whole grain diet" was the cause for our moth infestation, not the lack of cleaning between tenants.
  2. "When all this is over I'll treat you ladies to a nice dinner!" (laughing)
    The plumber, apologizing for taking two months to complete an installation that should have taken one week. Because dinner with an older man whom we neither know nor like sounds like a great way to make up for not having consistent heat throughout November in Boston!
  3. "Hey watch your mouth, there's a girl in here!" (yelling)
    The contractor to his son who said "bastard" when he dropped something. First of all, thank you for reminding me that I'm alone with two men I don't know at all. Second of all, thank you so much for protecting my delicate sensibilities from such offensive language!
  4. "Next time call the boys upstairs or our office first to make sure." (scolding)
    Our landlord's brother when our alarm started yelling "CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTED" so we went outside and called the fire department. Turns out our alarm is connected to our upstairs neighbors' and one of them decided to test the alarm without telling us. Landlord's brother tried to make us seem dumb for thinking that our CO alarm going of was a *big fucking deal*. But yeah I'll definitely make sure to call next time we might be in danger - don't want to inconvenience you or the fire department!
  5. "What was it like.. 100 gallons of water (*eye roll*)? Or 5 gallons? Haha. 5 gallons of water isn't going to do any damage to the floor. Water just dries up, okay?" (WITH ALL THE CONDESCENSION)
    Our landlord's brother, again, when my housemate expressed concern about her room's foundation because our faulty heating system has been pouring water into our room until about a week ago. Not only was this really patronizing and mansplainy, it was also really dumb!!! This dude is the worst and always tries to make our valid concerns seem stupid.
  6. 😒
  7. I can deal with these attitudes and comments (sort of..) in the outside world.
  8. But it really sucks to have to listen to them in my own kitchen. Or living room. Or bedroom.
  9. From total strangers.
  10. And be made to feel like you're overreacting when there are actual problems with the house that need to be addressed.
    Like the fact that a mere two months ago the plumber told us our pipes would have pumped the house full of carbon monoxide if we'd turned the heat on with the old system we had. So maybe we have a reason to worry about alarms idk..
  11. Anyway that's my rant! 🙇
  12. (Except shoutout to the firemen who were here today and agreed that we made the right move by calling them to check out the CO alarm)
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