I actually had this in my drafts for another day but being from Long Island it's physically impossible for me not to enter any conversation about our pride and joy, so it's coming out now. Also this was like choosing between children. Inspired by @jennifergster @BWN_7 @nathanveshecco @victoriaedel etc.
  1. Goodnight Saigon
    I did not fight in Vietnam why am I crying?
  2. Just the Way You Are
    Remember when Bruno Mars tried to make this his thing and it was like honey, no. This is Billy Joel's thing. So romantic and wonderful.
  3. Until the Night
    This song is really sexy and has an A+ saxophone solo.
  4. Vienna
    I don't want to hear any of the things being told to me in this song yet I willingly listen to it because it's so beautiful.
  5. The Stranger
    Haunting whistle intro then suddenly a snappy jam? How does Billy put these two things together and have it work?
  6. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
    Cheesy romance and a full story set to a great beat, this song somehow contains everything you need in a musical experience.
  7. Movin' Out
    It's a scientific fact that I will fall in love with you if you sing this song. It has already happened once, it is sure to happen again.
  8. She's Got A Way
    Honestly this is just the most beautiful melody of any song I know. You can just hum this song and feel intense emotion.
  9. Piano Man
    Singing along to Piano Man at one of Billy's concerts at Madison Square Garden is in my top 3 life experiences. I don't even care how cliché it is, the feelings I associate with this song are just so happy.
  10. New York State of Mind
    This song is perfect. It has my favorite piano part of all his songs and is about the place that's closest to my heart. It's Billy at his wistful best.