Based on the observations of someone who doesn't have Pokemon Go
  1. There's definitely a Pokemon right at the top of every stairway leading down to the subway
    Apparently the only way to catch it is to stand perfectly still so it doesn't notice you before throwing your poke ball at it
  2. It's clear that a very small Pokemon lives between the doors of the subway
    I guess it's so small that if god forbid you let people out of the train it will get lost in the crowd, so blocking everyone from exiting is really your only option
  3. Apparently most large Pokemon like to sit right in the middle of the sidewalk
    So you probably do need that large group of friends to stop and surround the Pokemon in order to catch it!
  4. I think there's this one Pokemon that struck a deal with a guy and hides in his Halal cart
    So if you ever see a Halal cart it seems you have to stop really quickly and then take some time right then and there to ponder and decide if it's worth asking to check the cart for Pokemon
  5. Scaffolding seems like a great place to look for Pokemon
    Specifically right around the corner from the street - maybe using the element of surprise both on the Pokemon and on literally everyone around you helps in some way to catch the Pokemon?
  6. There's possibly a really fast Pokemon that travels exclusively in the bike lane
    I guess it's so fast that if you take your eyes off it for a SECOND it will turn a corner and be lost forever, so you can apparently NEVER waste time checking your surroundings for people while chasing it on your citibike
  7. I'm pretty sure this one type of Pokemon suddenly appears on the opposite side of the sidewalk when a car is stuck in an intersection and the walk sign comes on
    The only way to get the Pokemon, it seems, is to start walking immediately when the walk sign comes on - if you let the car go in order to avoid a further traffic jam from it blocking the intersection, the Pokemon must disappear or something
  8. Times Square must be the actual Noah's Ark of Pokemon
    I mean there just has to be two of every single Pokemon just sitting right in the middle of every sidewalk, street, and staircase in Times Square