1. My sweet little puppy. She's an actual model.
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  2. Flowers at Disney World
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  3. Hat at the V&A
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  4. Marie Antoinette's bed at Versailles. This is what heaven looks like to me.
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  5. Pic of me working at a dog shelter. I ❤️ the 🐶🐶🐶
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  6. From "Queen of Tarts" in Dublin
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  7. Writing on a cliff on Inishbofin
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  8. #tbt to when I met James K. Polk
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  9. 💙🐏
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  10. Agh! We turned into bears!
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  11. Omg I miss my dog so much
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  12. Dead flowers in a random pub in Ireland
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  13. I just really love corgis, man
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  14. Lotuses in Vancouver
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  15. Geese at my old school
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  16. My old pup
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