Podcast Lovin'

Hopefully will be a growing list, but these are my top faves right now.
  1. Call Your Girlfriend
    Ughhhh the bessst. (CYG listeners understand.) Ann Friedman and @aminatou are my favorite besties around -- I could listen to them all day! No, it's true ;)
  2. SRSLY
    Found through Call Your Girlfriend recommendation (Yay! Shine theory), this is the pop culture podcast from the New Statesman. Anna and Caroline are so wonderful and make me miss England. I have jotted down so many notes of shows, artists, books, films etc that I'm confident I'd love after listening to their discussion.
  3. Women of the Hour
    Not too many episodes out just yet, but I binge listened one weekend, and, in spite of spending 4 hours deep cleaning my apartment, I was in the absolute best of spirits! (And my floors were freaking spotless.) Hearing women's voices and stories and humor and truths hit me real hard. Thank you, @lenadunham ! And, please, another season? 🙏🏻
  4. Mystery Show
    Starlee has won my heart! Not too many episodes in first season but they're so, so good. I'd recommend 'Belt Buckle' as your starting point. It's the best mystery and is a great example of the brilliance of this concept.
  5. Limetown
    For those Serial fans out there, here's a truly great follow-up. Totally fictional, but we follow an investigative report for 'APR' radio as she delves into the combustion of the research community at Limetown. Enthralling and sometimes also terrifying!
  6. Serial
    Gateway pod. You've likely heard of it. It's really that good. Haven't started season 2 yet - waiting to binge listen.
  7. You Must Remember This
    This one is great for its skip-around-ability. (Podcasts with 50+ episodes at the time I find them stress me out a bit because I have a strong compulsion to start from the beginning, and, you know, that's a commitment!) It's a historical podcast that explores the lives of Hollywood's greatest. I particularly enjoyed the Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall episodes, but I've been seeing the Charles Manson series on many 'top' 2015 lists...