Over the past 7 years I have evolved into a mom with items and skills that I am surprised I own or continually buy and know how to use...I am no Martha Stewart..just surviving
  1. Bakes cupcakes
  2. Own a cupcake carrying container
    How else am I going to transport all the cupcakes?!
  3. Sewing-buttons, holes, rips, etc
  4. Sewing kit
    Yep...repairing shit from clothes to stuffies you have to have your own kit
  5. First aid kit...in car, back pack, purse
  6. Use made up curse words
  7. Purchase milk
  8. Glue gun
    Ok...I also have glue sticks, glue dots, super glue, Tacky Glue, Wood Glue...wtf
  9. Gold fish
    So many...
  10. Stain remover
  11. Annual Family Photos
  12. Fish Owner