I probably use these way too much, and I don't even care a little bit
  1. 💁🏼 My middle name is sassy, and nothing's sassier than a hair toss.
  2. 🐶 I reference dogs a lot, and I miss mine more than anything.
  3. 😴 I'm constantly tired or sleeping.
  4. 👏🏻 👍🏻 I use either of these to show agreement or to be a dick.
  5. 😎 There's no better way to try to pretend you're cooler than you really are than by using this emoji.
  6. 🍪 My favorite food.
  7. 😩 An accurate description of how I generally feel about my life.
  8. ❤️ An easy way to show affection without actually having to put in any effort.
  9. 😡 How people make me feel.
  10. 🎉 Party time.