It started on Friday, December 18th, at 6:55pm...
    .. At ABC, which I didn't even tell most people I was applying for because I was so scared I wouldn't get it.
  2. I get to quit Starbucks!
  3. I got the job!!
  4. I only have 7 more shifts left
  5. I'm watching the Rockettes on Netflix, and I just really love the Christmas Spectacular
  6. I got to tell the whole family I'm not a failure (BECAUSE I GOT A COOL JOB)
  7. I get to go home during the winter now. Maybe I'll see some snow ❄️🌨☃
  8. I'm going to have weekends off like an adult!
  9. I get to sleep in before work tomorrow
  10. Christmas is almost here
  11. Improv is going really well
  12. I start 301 at UCB in January
  13. Which is also when I'm going home and starting at ABC
  14. 2016 looks like it's off to a great start
  15. This is the start of my career in film and television.
  16. My 8 year old self is so proud of me.
  17. Adios 2015. You were a lot of things, but mostly you're (just about) over, and that's perfect.