1. French fry place | New York City
    Wide variety of dipping sauces
  2. Fanta Orange anywhere not in America
    Get it. Just always get it.
  3. Öz Doydum | Istanbul, Turkey
    Istinye, Sariyer
  4. Our Second Home | Istanbul
    Can't remember the name, but this is right down the street from Sultanahmet Square. Past the money exchange along the shops before the entrance to Gülhane Park and Topkapi Palace
  5. Simit with Nutella | Istanbul, Turkey
    Mornings in Sultanahmet Square
  6. ÇAY ÇAY ÇAY | Istanbul, Turkey
    Everywhere. Never say no.
  7. Shawarma Place | Aksaray, Istanbul, Turkey
    Where the Aksaray scarves are sold. Cannot go wrong with shawarma or falafel sandwich!
  8. Hafiz Mustafa | Istanbul, Turkey
    Famous dessert place - Between Emïnönü and Sultanahmet square by tramvay and marmara exits
  9. Ice cream | Prince's Island, Istanbul, Turkey
  10. Anabtawi | Madaba, Jordan
    Best knafeh na3meh I've had
  11. Mr. Shawarma | Madaba, Jordan
    Down the street from JLA by Ayola Café
  12. Haret Jdoudna | Madaba, Jordan
    Even the king ate here guys
  13. Shawarma Reem | Amman, Jordan
  14. Majnoon Qahwa | Amman, Jordan
    Inside Taj Mall, cardamom gelato
  15. Knafah Habeeba | Amman, Jordan
    Never got to go
  16. Falafel Hashem | Amman, Jordan
    Never got to go
  17. Tayyabs | London, England
    Punjabi restaurant in Whitechapel
  18. Tea & Tattle | London, England
    Afternoon tea underneath Arthur Probsthain Oriental and African bookstore
  19. The Breakfast Club | London, England
  20. Cereal Killer Cafe | London, England
    Camden Market
  21. Tapas | Spain
    Just about anywhere
  22. Churrerías/ Chocolaterías | Spain
    In general, but I went to a good place in Granada!
  23. San Marcos | Sevilla, Spain
    Italian restaurant in the venue of an old Arab bathhouse in Andalusian times. Very classy.
  24. Paella place | Nerja, Spain
  25. Albaicín | Granada, Spain
    Long and steep row of shops and Moroccan restuarants and tea houses. Historic marketplace from Andalusian times.
  26. Los Italianos | Granada, Spain
    The BEST banana ice cream I've ever had