1. Babies were born out of belly buttons
  2. It cost millions of dollars to make TV commercials
  3. Since Ewan McGregor looked so different in Episode I and II, I thought they got a different actor to play Obi-Wan
  4. Celebrities got everything for free, in addition to being insanely rich. Not that they bought all the luxurious things they had because they could afford it, but because people loved them so much that whenever they'd show up in public, they'd be offered whatever they wanted for free. On top of being rich!
  5. My mom told me that before a woman gets pregnant and the baby is in her belly, they live in her heart. It sounded so natural that they'd just move whenever the time was right or whenever God said so.
    We never had The Talk™ later correct this asexual understanding of where babies come from.