Pictures Of Text

  1. "Who will protect us from the police?"
    Seen in Granada, Spain. This is prompting me to look into police brutality in Spain, something I hadn't thought about before.
  2. و لا غالب إلّا الله | There is no victor but God
    Tiles from the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain
  3. PLUS ULTRE | "There is something beyond." | Defacement of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain
    Spanish national motto adopted by Charles V (grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella). Before the encounter of the Americas, the original Latin phrase was, "Non plus ultra/ There is nothing beyond," referring to Gibraltar and Jabal Musa in Morocco, what the Romans thought was the end of the world in the West. To say that there is something beyond describes the Spanish crown's designs for colonialism in the Americas, positing them as a noble venture. This is a stark contrast to "w la ghalib illAllah."
  4. Ni Unx Menos | Seen outside Granada Cathedral
    a feminist movement that began in Argentina protesting gendered violence which has spread around the world
  5. Route of Don Quijote | Toledo, Spain
    Spain's most famous fictional character.
  6. "Our priests immolated for Marxism" | Catedral de Granada
  7. Poem by Mahmoud Darwish | El Waibdeh, Amman, Jordan