My two daughters are on the opposite side of the planet and I have noticed some differences, like....
  1. All kinds of things are JUST WHERE I LEFT THEM!
    Things like remotes, laundry baskets, and food stay right where I put it.
  2. Facebook is really dull without them
    Sorry Facebook friends but my kids are the real draw. They're asleep when I'm up and it's like I'm off the grid.
  3. I'm more inclined to clean up after them
    If they're here, I have a strict "I'm not your maid" rule. Now that they're away, I'm systematically working through the house cleaning all the things. I'm even considering doing their laundry.
  4. My desire for alcohol is reduced
    Perhaps this is only due to the fatigue of getting up early to skype and then staying up to see what they're doing during the day, but that beer or two during tv isn't happening.
  5. We have a crap ton of mugs
    When not scattered all over the house the cupboard gets a little tight