We all have those albums that every time we hear them, we are transported in time to the first place you were when hearing it play. And the same sensation washed over you and it's like the first time every time. And it rocks! So damn good! And your whole outlook changes....
  1. The Doors Live
    The Doors Live from The Hollywood Bowl. A fan of their music but when I heard this album it morphed into a clarity of who he was and what the band represented to Rock n Roll and that generation. Feeling the energy from the crowd and the raw emotion of Jim's vocals wasn't even the best part. Hearing the band play and transform and evolve on point just by each other's cue was the moment I learned to appreciate music and instrumentals on a new level. @list
  2. ACDC Black in Black
    I was a kid and suddenly I wanted to stand taller, rock harder, and walk with a swagger. I wanted to blast the volume and piss off the neighbors.
  3. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
    I love rock n Roll was my jam with my mom but it was the rest of the album that made me decide that day what I wanted to be when I grew up..no more astronaut talk, I wanted to be a punk rocker! And I knew there, someday I would I'm deed chop all my long blonde hair to short spikey colors that would scare old ladies and make boys nervous. Girls rock!
  4. Jackson 5 ABC, 123
    I was a toddler and this started a healthy obsession of his music as well as ongoing debates defending his honor the rest of my life. It also reinforced my determination to help animals even rats like Ben.
  5. Bob Dylan Rolling Srone
    13yrs old at a summer camp smoking pot in the woods with older kids. This album made me get it, his eccentric beauty, his raw voice, his lyrics wth so much meaning and the song that formalized the words for what I could not express.
  6. Metallica And Justice for All
    This album embraced my anger and rage and envelopes them with a calm sense of confidence and release and motivated me to use it. This album was first time my skater brother and I found a way to get a long and relate to each other.
  7. Otis Redding Best Of
    I had never felt such or even thought of but I knew frm hearing it that I wanted to experience that pain n sorrow someday.
  8. Marilyn Manson Antichrist
    Teen angst and worldly view of xhypocritcal society validated. I wasn't crazy after all.
  9. Rage Against Machine
    Understanding of using your voice/power for a cause.