1. Hanging out with @mindy
    Idk she's just so cool & normal like yea she's a grown celebrity who probably lives in LA or something and I'm a 20 yr old Wisconsin college student but we would just work I think
  2. @bjnovak will interact with one of my lists
    I don't really know the # of users on ListApp but it feels like there's like 20 people so if I ever interact w BJ it's gonna be here probably
  3. Banging a TA
    I'm in my second semester Junior year of college and I've never even flirted with a TA but I'd like to 😏
  4. Losing a limb or appendage
    It's not that I think this will happen so much as my fear of it feels disproportionate to its likelihood given my lifestyle
  5. I'll have read all of the cool classic books that I want to read
    I picture myself starting at like 60 in a big library with nothing left to read
  6. My parents live to be crazy old so I never have to deal with them dying
    I think maybe we all do this
  7. A celebrity I love tweeting me back
    An example would be Conan O'Brien or Dylan O'Brien. Mostly unrealistic because I don't tweet at celebrities ever.
  8. I'll get into whatever law school I want regardless of my GPA, LSAT score, etc.
    I'm just gonna pick some and apply