1. I'm pissed off
    The energy some people like to channel into a "hate fuck" I like to channel into running. I'm always most pumped and get my best workout when I'm pissed plus my anger fuels me so when I'm too tired to carry on its because I'm too tired to be angry any more.
  2. I have a date soon
    Obviously no major body changes will happen in a few days but working out makes me feel energetic and confident which are important qualities to bring to a date.
  3. I can feel my gym rat roommate judging me for how long it's been since I worked out
    My fear of her wrath is legendary and also makes me do the dishes, do my homework, go to class, eat vegetables, shower daily, and more. I don't know what I'd do without her judgey little stares but they always come from love.
  4. I've eaten waaaaay too many Cheetos recently
    Too many Cheetos is any amount of Cheetos but mine usually involves like a bag in a day or two. I discovered my love for Cheetos my Sophomore year of college and my life has been Hell since.
  5. I miss the feeling of my muscles being sore
    You know it's a good kind of pain that makes you feel strong and I like feeling strong
  6. My health
    Yea whatever
  7. Someone else in my life has been on a health kick
    Hey I can do that too!
  8. I discovered cellulite on a new part of my body
    Doesn't happen often but what a bummer!!
  9. Bored on a Saturday afternoon
    Kind of feel like a lazy jerk if I don't do something active on a Saturday
  10. Bought some new exercise gear or found a new good pump-up song
    When the new FOB album American Beauty/American Psycho album came out I was in the gym for weeks straight