My best friend is a big tv fan like me but is missing a few crucial shows that she won't take my word for as being incredible (she won't watch Buffy either but that would be a longer, more forceful list that I'll maybe write later)
  1. Neptune
    Such an interesting climate of socioeconomic tension that sets opposing extremes against each other in a way that is somewhat exaggerated and somewhat completely realistic to our currently vastly divided lower/middle and upper class (in the US)!!
  2. Keith Mars
    AKA the Ned Stark of VM. A gift of reason, loyalty, love, fairness, compassion, without being completely infallible (i.e. Harmony, Kendall)
  3. Actually all the characters are gloriously complex
  4. Sorry but I love any detective-type show because that shit is fun
    Sherlock, House, Castle... I love it all. Plus what is more fun than a high school PI. Tried to explain to my friend is was like Jessica Jones (a show she loves) except in high school minus the supernatural but she didn't bite.
  5. Weevil
    Another wonderfully complicated character I couldn't enjoy more from his secret heart of gold to his amazing resiliency despite being one of the most regularly mistreated characters (along with Veronica of course) without losing the fact that he is a criminal who sometimes does bad things
  6. Doesn't bullshit about happy endings
    The main difference between mine and her tastes is that I like happy, optimistic shows where she prefers grit and darkness. I think VM is a wonderful balance of the two because the VM universe is consistently unfair af (see: Aaron Echolls, Weevil at graduation) but we see it from the POV of a fairly privileged character who has a strong support system and natural intelligence, charm, etc. and resiliency which keeps it from being hopelessly sad to an optimist like me
  7. Casually addresses a lot of social issues
    Features issues regarding gay/lesbian people, transgender people, people of color, people of lower socioeconomic status, addiction, suicide, survivors of sexual assault, etc. What's especially great is the show always falls on the right side of these issues that just makes you glad to be watching.
  8. Logan's voicemail messages
    Hilarious, ironic, always a little surprising
  9. Lots of drama/action/intrigue
    Lilly's murder, bus crash, Felix's murder, the Dean's murder...and more!
  10. Last but not least...
    Could a character be more wonderful? Played by Kristen Bell who is extremely likable always and has an excellent energy for this role - has said the dialogue for the show feels like words taken right out of her mouth. Strong, resilient, compassionate, just, vengeful, vulnerable, kind, selfish. Couldn't ask for a better female character and lead. Damaged by all of the injustices she's faced which gives her snark and trust issues but still vulnerable and kind as she hasn't always been this way.
  12. CONT...
    Her character evolution is so interesting and so realistic. Some of her issues that you see as quirky and unimportant become more serious as she gets older like her trust issues and desire to get even instead of letting it go (this is genuinely how adult life works!!) make her so real and becomes where the show gets more conflict from in the later episodes and movie since there's less (not none) high school drama around
  13. From the dialogue to the romantic tension to the shocking plot twists it's an incredible show that she should be lucky to watch
    But she probs won't cuz she's stubborn but so am I it's why we're friends 😊