1. Café Leon
    This dish is supposed to be spicy and, brother, there's is SPICY. The vibrancy of the red sauce should be a warning that you are about to lose all sensation from the neck up.
  2. El Pescador
    The quality of the shrimp is better than Café Leon and the flavor of the sauce is richer and more complex. El Pescador lacks in the heat element, you generally expect in this dish.
  3. La Kebrada
    The sauce here is a little spicier than El Pescador and the flavor of the sauce almost rivals it. The shrimp is just not of the same quality and that stands out.
  4. Castillo's
    Castillo's is one of most consistent and delicious restaurants this city has. It is a treasure that I will choose 10/10 times over any other Mexican place, given that it's open. The flavor of the sauce is roasty-toasty with a pleasant sweetness. As much as I wanted to rate Castillo's highest on this list it drops to the bottom for one simple reason. Their Camarones a la Diabla has almost no heat.