1. Anything Brene Brown (specifically this talk with Elizabeth Gilbert) -- thinking about playing it daily [https://m.soundcloud.com/riverheadbooks/ep-12-big-strong-magic]
  2. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith -- looking for a detective to assist on nights and weekends...
  3. Joey Alexander the 12-year-old jazz prodigy [http://joeyalexandermusic.com/]
  4. Click & Grow home plants -- bummed I didn't know about this prior to my in-laws Elfster [http://us.clickandgrow.com/]
  5. I'm in Texas for the holidays...so naturally Blue Bell ice cream is on this list (now that the listeria is gone!) ... Specifically loving Cookies 'n Cream (and fighting my husband for spoonfuls ☺️)
  6. Unlimited cuddles with my dog, who by my account, is a doppelgänger for Yoda