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  1. She said she was too good for you?
    I know, right?
  2. Does she think her life's going to amount to something?
    I don't see how she could.
  3. Given the off chance she does accomplish something in her life someone would aspire to, do you think there's some dark recess of her mind wherein she is still, as in, as her body outgrows your lust, showing you her prepubescent rump, per your request?
    I bet she's pretty for years, actually.
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  1. May we resume? I know you've had a busy holiday.
    I've missed you. I met the truest child of my life though and can hardly wait to gush.
  2. Sweet. If it's who I'm imagining she already has quite a reputation. I'm not surprised. Your tête-à-tête generated quite a stir.
    Yes, the worth of my mother's life rests entirely on the brief encounter between me and another woman's progeny, making a vicious contrast to her partner's recent reacquainting with someone he gave up for adoption around the beginning of the Vietnam war and who on paper is more successful than either of their children.
  3. Including you?
    Absolutely including me. I don't even have a job.
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  1. Lol, wtf is wrong w u?
    I'm trying to have a conversation with my beau-ette about kicking our relationship up a notch but all these rate 10s won't stop fan-girl-ing the shit out of me for five seconds.
  2. You brought it on yourself.
  3. Besides, you can talk to me about her.
    Our hands grazed.
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  1. 👁
  2. What are you doing?
    Starting a novel. What are you doing?
  3. Flirting with you. What's it about?
    Make up sex
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