1. May we resume? I know you've had a busy holiday.
    I've missed you. I met the truest child of my life though and can hardly wait to gush.
  2. Sweet. If it's who I'm imagining she already has quite a reputation. I'm not surprised. Your tête-à-tête generated quite a stir.
    Yes, the worth of my mother's life rests entirely on the brief encounter between me and another woman's progeny, making a vicious contrast to her partner's recent reacquainting with someone he gave up for adoption around the beginning of the Vietnam war and who on paper is more successful than either of their children.
  3. Including you?
    Absolutely including me. I don't even have a job.
  4. Do you think that has something to do with cultural misconceptions about the pen being mightier than the sword?
    Do you disagree with that statement?
  5. No
  6. That's what I mean.
    An economic duality is still being misunderstood in the so-called laissez faire work/ life balance. People want sports. Look at what's trending in the news during a potential collapse of the EU. They don't want comedy or poetry or fair elections. It's a bit like misinterpreting political satire when you're the satirist himself. The user of the abacus is often fitter than the creator of the abacus. Wound me with the sword I've sharpened and do I not bleed as men have bled for the tiger?
  7. I suppose. Tell me about the girl.
    She will prove her parent's lives are vapid punchlines.
  8. What do you mean?
    She knows what I mean. They are apes. They eat and shit. Laughter is for primates like their other daughter.
  9. Why are you talking about them like that.
    I'm quoting their six year old girl.
  10. Do you agree with her?
    I'm afraid she agrees with me about far more than that but no. I'm tame. She's modest. Savage and modest.
  11. Tame in your opinion?
    I'm a devotee of their daughter. Why are you asking me?
  12. You were the cohort of her coherence.
    That's right. I held no faith as others have in who she is being compared to and with all do respect (I value much her opinion second only to one, well, two) not only is she better than her, and, oh, god, me, she should be insulted by the context.
  13. With all do respect.
  14. She has since amended assuming it was understood to include herself in the speciation.
    Mark our first disagreement, then.
  15. What about your father's worth?
    His worth is my interaction with the child my mother saw me with and Rebecca.
  16. Why isn't your mother worth Rebecca.
    Because she is only worth Nora.
  17. Why isn't your father worth the child?
    Because he's only worth my mother.
  18. He asked you what you thought not what you wanted, you remember don't you?
    You're talking about the way he's condescending to someone more intelligent to him functioning as an instant karma in his subconscious.
  19. I guess that's what he was going for. Why don't you think neither one of your parents realized how smart you were? Some people could see it from the dark side of the moon.
    They have poor judgement.