1. 👁
  2. What are you doing?
    Starting a novel. What are you doing?
  3. Flirting with you. What's it about?
    Make up sex
  4. Does that interest you more than break up sex?
  5. Why?
    At some point you get sick of being a failure.
  6. It's a ridiculous thing to immortalize.
    Isn't it important though?
  7. Sure, there are several places I could be and a few I couldn't. Shall we focus on the now and you, then?
    I don't even know what you're talking about. You sound like one of those puppies people put in clothes and train to say: I wuv you.
  8. I'm going to freaking kill you.
    Can't wait
  9. What's it really about? No more funny business.
    People being too embarrassed of their priorities and fears having been misplaced to do anything but ruin everyone's lives because they are not intelligent enough to realize the joke is that it wasn't ever about getting the joke. It's about retribution in the absolutist sense until people can't function without forgiveness.
  10. Would you say it's sardonic?
    It's about rubbing people's noses in the shit they took on you because you can. It's called lying in wait. It's about a woman who understands that and loses herself because she is more fluent in the implications of your situation than hers.
  11. So, "getting it" as a life style renders her unable to fan out her true, how do you say: Je m'appelle?
    You're a lovely conversationalist.
  12. Is there a character that gets that but falls apart else where?
  13. What's her name?
  14. Okay, I wanted to talk to you about Zooey Deschanel.
    I know who you're talking about. She sings.
  15. She considers herself a comedienne foremost.
    Is that what she said?
  16. It's how I interpreted her guitar player.
    That's how I interpreted her show.
  17. I know what you mean. It's a radiance more mysterious than horror.
    What if she can't be the woman you need her to be?
  18. Are you speaking culturally? I don't need anything from her. I know good and well who I am.
  19. She once said that you know her better than she knows herself.
    I told her the sun goes around the earth the way people once thought. An obvious observance. She knows as much as me about cosmology. Don't let that girl fool you.
  20. I'm no fool.
    No, you're not.
  21. I'm no fool, SIR.
  22. Static
  23. You once told me an anecdote of her teaching you how to let it slide when people were poking fun only she did this in the context of when people weren't making fun of you at all. Do you think she was diving something deeper?
    No, I don't think she has a sense of humor which was apparently what she was accusing me of.
  24. Oh, I get it.
    It's reverence that can slip under her radar.
  25. I think it's love.
    I don't. I think she's confusing Woody Allen with Ayn Rand. When Woody Allen said that about compliments he wasn't suggesting you undermine me.
  26. You're taking this too personally. You weren't alive when he said that.
    And you have to accept when I don't. Issac Newton said my soul was a word.
  27. You think you have a better soul than me?
    Issac Newton thinks I have a better soul than you. I think I have a better body.
  28. [interviewess crosses her eyes while smiling]
    But you're funnier.
  29. Are you superstitious?
    I'm as intimidated by my own good fortune as my misfortune.
  30. You feel guilty and incompetent.
    I feel like the earth granted me what it has granted me which is not to laud my country's misdeeds. The poorest here are spoiled and being wealthy among the lower tiers perhaps boxed me in a corner where this time salvation is an artificial intelligence.
  31. I'm sure that by a few life times we'll be as close as my android counterpart is to yours.
    Would it be such an avalanche to have you now?