1. F1 of course!
    From 16-17 September, Singapore will be the host of F1 grand prix.
  2. But seriously, I'm going because of Bastille
    Duh... Obvious. You don't know Bastille? Pompeii? Things we lost in fire? Ringing a bell.
  3. I'd like to watch a film in my favorite cinema theater, The Projector
    It's at Golden Mile Tower. Best sidestream movie theater everrrr. All the films are well-curated. And they provides BEAN BAGS inside!!!!
  4. National Gallery
    Pretty standard, I like to watch painting nd sculptures.
  5. Peanuts Cafe
    Because WOODSTOCK!
  6. Going solo fine dining at Prive
    Yeah, this because I'm going alone and single. So, I'll just suck on that! :')