Things preventing me from making my first list on

because we all know this one doesn't count.
  1. Am I doing this right?
    I feel very certain that I'm not totally doing this right. Looking at comments on lists I saw someone was being berated for using caps? How? Why? Please don't hate me, teach me.
  2. Do I really have the ability to be funny?
    I mean, I know I'm hilarious, but do you?
  3. Perfectionism
    This could probably be better. We both know it.
  4. Distractions
    What a great list idea, I'll start it! Oh wait, my Gardien Faux Fish Fillet is on fire.
  5. Procrastination
    I'll make that list tomorrow, it'll be easier and better tomorrow. ....or maybe the next day?
  6. Fear
    The great motivator. Right?