For @carolineeand, who truly gets me
  1. She went to college with Hugh Laurie and they dated
  2. She would have made a better Professor McGonagall than Maggie Smith did. I like Maggie Smith and she did fine but Emma Thompson is the most perfect version of that character
  3. She wanted to be like Lily Tomlin when she was in college
  4. After Kenneth Branagh cheated on her she traded up for Greg Wise who is in Sense & Sensibility with her as the hot guy that's evil in every Jane Austen story. They are a perfect couple and live in a cottage off the grid somewhere together
  5. At the Golden Globes she took her heels off when she presented and held them in her hands on stage
  6. She wrote Sense & Sensibility which captures the essence of what makes Jane Austen books great better than the book does
  7. She talked about the book Madwoman in the Attic one time in an interview and I read it and I agree with her that it is the best
  8. Every interview she has ever done is great
  9. Every award acceptance speech she has ever done is great