The 10 Best Don Martin Sound Effects

  1. SNAP PLOOBADOOF (the sound of Wonder Woman unhooking her brassiere)
  2. DING DING DING DING DING DING DING GLUK (the sound of an alarm clock falling from the sky into a man's mouth)
  3. THUTHHHH.... THOT (the sound of a deflated human head re-inflating back to normal)
  4. SIZAFITZ (the sound that an eyeball makes when poked with a lit cigarette)
  5. FLAT FLOK SWIT GLAP (the sound of a man being folded up as if he were a folding chair)
  6. SKWEEK SKWEEK (the sound of a giant Q-Tip cleaning out one of Abraham Lincoln's ears on Mount Rushmore)
  7. FWISK GLURK (the sound of a bottle being forcefully removed from a wino's mouth)
  8. KLINGDINGGOON (the sound of a man's nose being chopped off by an electric fan)
  9. ZIT-SREEK SKRAK ZIDIT-POW (the sound of an electric drill malfunctioning after it drills through a ceiling and into a human head)
  10. KACHUNK SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK (the sound of a prince climbing up Rapunzel's armpit hair)