1. SNAP PLOOBADOOF (the sound of Wonder Woman unhooking her brassiere)
  2. DING DING DING DING DING DING DING GLUK (the sound of an alarm clock falling from the sky into a man's mouth)
  3. THUTHHHH.... THOT (the sound of a deflated human head re-inflating back to normal)
  4. SIZAFITZ (the sound that an eyeball makes when poked with a lit cigarette)
  5. FLAT FLOK SWIT GLAP (the sound of a man being folded up as if he were a folding chair)
  6. SKWEEK SKWEEK (the sound of a giant Q-Tip cleaning out one of Abraham Lincoln's ears on Mount Rushmore)
  7. FWISK GLURK (the sound of a bottle being forcefully removed from a wino's mouth)
  8. KLINGDINGGOON (the sound of a man's nose being chopped off by an electric fan)
  9. ZIT-SREEK SKRAK ZIDIT-POW (the sound of an electric drill malfunctioning after it drills through a ceiling and into a human head)
  10. KACHUNK SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK (the sound of a prince climbing up Rapunzel's armpit hair)