everything that makes me smile
  1. my family : I love my family so much. they're the best people to be around and they warm my heart. my family always knows how to cheer me up and I love them for that
  2. friends: they're always there for me, when I need someone to talk to and they always make me laugh
  3. my role models: Rowan Blanchard and Ariana Grande. they are both feminists and have a passion for equality. Rowan is so amazing and is never scared to speak her mind. She reminds me that I have a voice and that is so incredibly important. Ariana shares the same qualities. These two people gave me self confidence and helped me become the person I am
  4. Fall and the beginning of winter: this time of year fills me up with warmth and love. my heart melts when I think of hot cocoa, orange leaves, candles and warm sweaters. A nice fall day is all I need