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  1. why not
  2. fuckboys
  3. my mom brought her own snacks to my brother's prom
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  1. "A nice cannabis salad"
    My kitchen
    Whole Foods
  3. "I'd cream my jeans for Barbara Boxer"
    Townhouse row
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  1. Kohr Bro's soft serve
    Orange/Vanilla swirl is the best though
  2. Judahlicious açai bowl
    w/ house-made pumpkin granola and chopped bananas
  3. Thai tea from a street vendor
    good shit
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  1. Your friend comes over at midnight and grabs the baby carrots out of your fridge to chase her vodka down with
  2. It's almost dark out when you realize you've had six coffees so far but still haven't eaten all day
  3. Despite ridiculously high tuition, the school still wants your money and thereby falsely accuses you of getting hospitalized for an incidence of alcohol poisoning at a nearby university. Consequently, you can't register for classes until you pay the $100 bullshit fine.
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  1. When I was six I came home with Silly Putty as a birthday party favor and ate it because I thought it might be candy
  2. Thought my lecture was at noon instead of 2pm and strongly considered toughing it out
    until they started dividing into groups to do a mock trial
  3. I also ate a red crayon when I was four years old because red is my favorite color
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  1. The Clique With Matching Fur Coats
    Once raved for fifteen minutes about a juice cleanse.
  2. Kid Who Leaves the Room Every Twenty Minutes and Slams the Door Every Time
  3. Boy I Hooked Up With While Drunk Last Saturday Night
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