1. Your friend comes over at midnight and grabs the baby carrots out of your fridge to chase her vodka down with
  2. It's almost dark out when you realize you've had six coffees so far but still haven't eaten all day
  3. Despite ridiculously high tuition, the school still wants your money and thereby falsely accuses you of getting hospitalized for an incidence of alcohol poisoning at a nearby university. Consequently, you can't register for classes until you pay the $100 bullshit fine.
  4. You drop $15 at the cafeteria for a salad and bottle of water for lunch
  5. Waking up Sunday morning to see that your roommate has brought back car parts from off the street after her night out
  6. All of the outlets in your room have electrocuted you at one point or another
  7. You eat raw cookie dough like it's nothing
  8. The edibles hit you while you're walking through the quad in broad daylight
    0/10 would not recommend
  9. Your RA has given up all hope for the floor and purposefully gets out of town on the weekends