Lemme preface this by saying I'm definitely on the Spotify train (my playlists are some of my proudest works of art) but I still use my old Pandora account to listen to stand up as I fall asleep (weird routine, I'm aware - just let me be me)
  1. John Mulaney Radio
    Not music, I know
  2. Jimmy Carr Radio
    Still not music, I KNOW
  3. Fly Me To The Moon Radio
  4. Alexandre Desplat Radio
  5. Def Leppard Radio
  6. Gustav Holst AND Mahler Radio
  7. 80s Love Songs Radio
  8. New Age Solo Piano Radio
    Tbh, dunno what "new age" really means
  9. Sara Bareilles Radio
  10. *NSYNC Radio
    Cause why not
  11. Mumford and Sons Radio
  12. The Beach Boys Radio